about me

I am a 41 year old lesbian but i have not always been out for many years i struggled with who i was because every one around me said it was wrong but after many years of trying to “do the right thing” even getting married but there was always something missing from my relationships LOVE i thought maybe there was something wrong with me and that i would never be able to fall in love so i had to settle with just being content.

when I was about 26, 27 i told a friend of mine that i prefer women but had never been with one but i still stayed in the closet until i was 32 i had a lesbian friend we dated for a while but i could not come fully come out of the closet  a few of my friends knew but not all of them, my family did not know and because i was not ready to fully come out our relationship ended (i cant blame her) but we are still friends.

I dove deep back into the closet again after that and stayed there until I was 40 and i just decided i was tired of pretending to be someone i was not and first i came out on face book and then to my Mom and Dad and now every one in the family knows weather they will admit it or not that’s another story. some of my family just don’t talk about it.

I met my girl friend Vicky(shes From Scotland but lives in England) on face book and from the very first time we messaged each other i knew she Is the one. we would be typing and i have a habit of looking at the key board when i type so i would be typing something and would look up after i hit enter and she had typed the same thing and vice verse she would hit enter only to see i just typed the same thing.

  we went from there chatting on tiny chat then to Skype talking for a few hrs a day, then all day as long as one of us wasn’t working to having international sleep overs, 1 or 2 times a week now we practically live on skype because it is the cheapest way we can talk we both bought android phones also so we could talk while we are out and about.

We are working on her coming over here for a visit but because of our country’s laws here eventually i am going to move over there but in the mean time i am fighting to get Doma repealed i have friends Inger And Philippa they are Legally married in the state of Iowa but because of Doma Inger cannot sponsor Philippa to move here on a visa because they are both women there are thousands of couples like this here in the U.S. who have to live separately because of DOMA.

I want to see that law repealed it does nothing but cause harm to people who love each other

And I want to see laws that protect people from bulling for any reason a person thinks they have the right to bully them.

If i ever hit the lottery i will use the money to help repeal doma, push laws on anti bulling, and then move to England with Vicky and open a No kill animal shelter to help protect the ones who don’t have a voice.

and save as may of them as i can.


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