Its time to come out of the dark ages

W all know now in this big world there are many different kinds of  people in this world

we all have different religions

  we all have different skin colors

we all have different cultures

  we all have different sexual orientations

  we all like different foods

      have different jobs



and on and on and on to many to mention

I understand back in the day before we had seen other people from other places the first time people back then saw someone different they thought the others were wrong.

But now in the world we live in we know about these differences and need to learn to accept that this is they way the world is and quit fighting and hating people just because of there differences we do not have to change our selves to be like any one else but we can live together in harmony.

there is 1 very important thing we all have in common we are all HUMAN and that is the most important thing we have in common.

all the differences do not matter.

stop hating just because someone is NOT just like you and hating because you don’t understand something.

if you don’t understand something learn about it don’t be ignorant and just make assumptions about that persons differences take the time to understand.

we are all different for a reason and i believe that reason is  so that we can learn to tolerate others and learn to love every one and until every one in this world realizes that this world is going to get worse next thing you know just because some people are on diets no one will be aloud to eat candy, or just because some people in this world like watching a certain tv show no one else in this world will be aloud to watch any thing else but that one show.

  If you really think about it do you really want every one to be exactly like you?

  Probably NOT because then there would only be 1type of

TV show         hair cuts

music             Jobs

food               Schools

cloths             color       

houses           Religion

cars               sex (either all men or all women ) 

                         witch would mean every one would have to be gay to have a partner

we would all be doing the same thing all the time that would get VERY BORING that is why we are all different to be able to have different things  in this world.

and just because you yourself do not like something or do not believe is right it does not give you the right to try and change it or stop it.

if you really must hate someone

Hate them because they are murders, rapist, thieves,child molesters, abusers.

those are the people that need to change there ways because they hurt others.

just remember the one thing we have in common

we are all human and form this big place we call earth.




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