The thing that bugs me the most is, all these people who think it is there right to tell me who i can love is there main argument always seems to end up being if same sex marriage is made legal then people will want to marry there pets, or marry kids, or marry their relatives, or have multiple wives…….
The part about getting married they always seem to over look is that marriage must be between 2 CONSENTING ADULTS, which wipes out there arguments on marriage to an animal or a child Neither one of them can be consenting adults.
as for people wanting to marry their relatives it has been proven Scientifically that children borne from the same gen pool tend to have medical problems so that is a good reason to not let them to get married.
COME ON PEOPLE get a life just because you do not like something it DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM SOMEONE WHO DOES.