$1.5 million tax Dollars used to defend DOMA ? WTF

John Boehner house speaker  has authorized $1.5 million to be spent to defend DOMA.

And they say President Obama is spending recklessly ?

this is money that could be used to:

Make jobs

Feed  the hungry

Help the 650 thousand homeless people get housing

Help pay for medical bills for people who are jobless

Help with Social Security

But NO John Boehner CHOOSES to use our tax money  to defend an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW

$1.5 million of our tax money, They Deni us the right to Marry with this law, they Deni us the right to support our families with this law, so basically the LGBT community is paying to help keep DOMA a law.

this money could be better used else where if they would just take this law off the books it is an unconstitutional law that Denies HARD WORKING TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF THERE RIGHTS.

There are families in the united states that are NOT able to be together because of this law, we should not be paying to defend this law if John Boehner wants to fight this he needs to do so with HIS OWN MONEY

NOT the money these family’s and I  have worked hard to make so it can be used against us that is not right it is a waste of taxpayer money and its NOT President Obama that is wasting that money it is the Republicans who are wasting it, then saying oh this country’s Debt is so high and its all president Obama’s fault NO its your fault also you use tax payer money against tax payers and then do every thing you can to pay less taxes you have money because you are GREEDY and have found ways not to spend your money and make the people that actually have to work hard for there money pay your bills it NEEDS to STOP.